SuperSparSpar storeWith selling areas greater than 1 300 metres, these SUPERPAR stores are very aggressively priced against the chains and offer a full range of groceries and general merchandise, backed by world-class service departments such as produce, bakery, butchery, deli and meal solutions. SUPERSPAR also falls under the overall "Good for You" positioning.

There are over 800 exclusive SPAR Brand products available, at more than 750 stores throughout S.A! The SPAR Brand products are a special offer, of leading quality, at more competitive prices from us to you. Only the finest ingredients are used, to ensure you get only the best for less!

With quality being our top priority, we offer a 'Double Your Money Back Quality Guarantee' on all SPAR Brand products. We also keep ahead of brand standards, by having our products tested on a monthly basis, by an independent laboratory.

The SPAR shopping experience is one that we try to make as pleasant and enjoyable for you as possible. We aim to provide "friendly, caring" service, which cannot be matched. This includes, as with SPAR Brand products, the attention to quality, of both product and service, which is the hallmark of SPAR.
Contact: John / Johnny
Tel: 031-785 1292
Fax: 031-785 1693
Camperdown Super Spar Inside View Of Spar Aisles in Spar 


N3 City Shopping Mall - Tops At Spar N3 City Shopping Mall - Camperdown Bottle Store MainPart of the Spar franchise, TOPS is the biggest of all South African liquor store chains. TOPS provides competitive pricing, a wide range, and exclusive brands, all conveniently situated in the neighbourhood sector. Since the food offerings are provided by SPAR, and the liquor requirements are provided by TOPS, the need for consumers to shop elsewhere is eliminated. The Company strives to stay ahead of the game, through educating staff, instilling a sense of pride in their brand, and always looking for fun, new ways to excite the consumer. Would you expect anything less from the most exciting liquor store?''
Contact: Johnny
Tel: 031-785 1292
 N3 City Shopping Mall - tops At Spar till-point N3 City Shopping Mall - Larg Selection to Choos From Tops At Spar N3 City - Specials 


KFC Entrance One of the world's favourite food franchises, KFC is found within the N3 City Super Spar Centre. As the world's most popular chicken restaurant chain, we specialize in mouth watering chicken treats, such as Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, Twisters and the Colonel's Crispy Strips chicken, with home-style sides. Our KFC has a modern interior look, that corresponds with the modern Super Spar theme.

Contact: Lindy / Tozi
Tel: 031-785 2079

 KFC Outside  N3 City KFC - Choosing A meal N3 City KFC - KFC Menus 


N3 City - Ritas logoRitas Main photoSituated in the Camperdown Spar Cente, Rita's Fashion World is like a breath of fresh air. We stock clothing for all ages and provide for men and ladies alike. The store is filled with interesting collectibles and bric-a-abrac. Whether it is jackets, caps, winter woolies, summer attire, we stock a full range, to satisfy all tastes. No need to travel to Pietermaritzburg, we can help you right here in Camperdown.

Contact: Rita
Cell: 084 587 5532

N3 City Ritas Fashion World - Pants And Jeans Selection N3 City Ritas Fashion World - Jacket Selection N3 City Ritas Fashion World - Womans Clothing 


Computer Ac Main PhotoComputer Ac Computer ShopNext door to Spar, we offer various admin services to the public. Computer Mac offers Computer Sales & Services, Email Services, Computer Accessories, Business Services, Photocopying, Office Equipment, School & Office Supplies, Photo Printing, Digital Downloads and Telephone Services.

Contact: Lyn
Tel: 031-785 2129
Fax: 031-785 2130

 Computer Mac Camperdown Computers and accessories Computer Mac - List of Services


N3 City Shopping Mall - Post OfficeN3 City Shopping Mall - Post Office CountersThe South African Post Office is conveniently situated in the Camperdown Spar Centre.

Our services comprises of:
*Mail Business:
The mail business is traditionally the mainstream business.
*Postal Service: We processes almost 6,5 million letters a day and deliver to 8 million addresses nationally.
*Logistics: We are involved in the logistics and freight business, in the form of the following subsidiaries; Speed Services, XPS, PX and Docex.
*Retail: The South African Post Office has a total of 2500 retail outlets. Through this network, the company has managed to offer basic postal, parcel, retail and financial services to the masses of the society.
*Financial Services: We offer a wide range of financial services through Postbank and this bank is currently being positioned to be a preferred bank to the mass market.
*Security and Investigations Services (SIS): This division was formed in 1999 to deal with crime and corruption within the entire Group. Various strategies were adopted and implemented, to deal with crime and corruption.

Contact: Hassen
Tel: 031-785 1415
Fax: 031-785 1416
N3 City Shopping Mall - Inside The Postoffice N3 City Post Office - Camperdowns Postal Address  N3 City Shoping Mall - Outside The Post office 


N3 City Shopping Mall - Whats-On-Dvd-LogoN3 City Shopping Mall - Whats On Dvd Main PhotoRight next door to Spar, What's On DVD is easily accessible, with ample secure parking. We have hundreds of movies to choose from. From action, drama, true life, comedy, to kid's movies, call in and you are sure to find some wonderful entertainment on DVD. Simply return the DVD through our "easy slot."

Contact: Sandy
Tel: 031-780 2125
N3 City Shopping Mall - Inside Whats On Dvd N3 City Shopping Mall - Whats On Dvd Counter N3 City Whats On DvD - Coming Soon 


Pam Golding Logo

Pam Golding MainPam Golding is South Africa's largest independent real estate group with over 30,000 properties, on our books, for you to buy or rent . We are a market leader in property nationally and a member of Savills International. Visit us at the N3 City Shopping mall, Camperdown

Contact: Bev
Tel: 031-785 1070
Fax: 086 698 0496

N3 City Shopping Mall - Pam Golding  Camperdown farm N3 City Pam Golding - Listed properties 


N3 City ATM's - Front ShotN3 City ATM's - Side ShotFor your convenience, we have ATM facilities for both Absa and Nedbank. Whether you re travelling on the N3, or shopping in our Centre, the withdrawal of c ash is easy and available 24/7.

Stay home and stay safe, visit the official website: